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Published: January 18, 2018

Nepal Information

Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked country in South Asia and the world's youngest republic. It is bordered to the north by the People's Republic of China, and to the south, east, and west by the Republic of India. With an area of 147,181 square kilometres (56,827 sq mi) and a population of approximately 30 million, Nepal is the world's 93rd largest country by land mass and the 41st most populous country. Kathmandu is the nation's capital and the country's largest metropolitan city. Nepal is a country of amazing extremes. Imagine a rectangle, 500 by 150 miles (800 by 240km), divided lengthwise into three strips. The northernmost strip is the Himalayas; Meaning "abode of snow," and includes eight of ten highest mountains in the world. The southernmost region, called the Terai, is an extension of the Gangetic plain of northern India, containing, jungles with elephants, rhinoceroses and tigers. These inhabitants contrast markedly with the yaks and snow leopard less than 100 miles (160 km) to the north.Enchantment is everywhere, be it on the shoulders of high mountains, terraced ridges ascending like stairways to sky, on quiet or rushing rivers, or in forests full of wildlife, flowers and birdsong. LOCATION It borders with the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China in the North and India in the East, South and West respectively. AREA: 147,181 sq. kilometers. ALTITUDE: Varies from 70 meters to 8848 meters. CAPITAL: Kathmandu. POPULATION: 1,84,91,097 LANGUAGE: Nepali is the national language of Nepal. Educated people understand and speak English as well. TIME: Nepal Time is 5 hours 45 minutes ahead of GMT and 15 minutes ahead of Indian standard time. CLIMATE: Nepal has four major seasons, namely, (1) Winter: December-February, (2) Spring: March-May, (3) Summer: June-August, (4) Autumn: September- November. Nepal can be visited the whole year round. Our Nepal Information page goes beyond what's needed to travel in Nepal. If you are planning to travel here, you may learn much of this information on your visit. If not, we hope to give you a little tour of what it's like to experience this diverse Himalayan Kingdom. WHERE TO GET THE MORE INFORMATION The Department of Tourism, the Government of Nepal provides information and services to the tourists. It also distributes different kinds of publicity materials to the tourists free of cost. There are two tourist officers and five tourism information Centers located at different places in the country. They are: 1. Tourist Information Centre, Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, Tel:470537 2. Tourist Information Centre, Basantapur, Kathmandu, Tel: 220818 3. Tourist Office, Airport, Pokhara, Tel:220028 4. Tourist Information Centre, Birgunj, Tel:22083 5. Tourist Office, Janakpur, Tel: 20755 6. Tourist Information Centre, Bhairahawa, Tel:20304 7. Tourist Information Centre, Kakarbhitta, 20208